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Whats Going on?
Hunting Dolphins

The Save Japan Dolphins Coalition were in action last week attempting to disrupt the commercial Dolphin fishermen at the notorious Taiji cove in Taiji, Japan. Actors, sportspersons, musicians and minor celebrities drew the worlds gaze to the Fishermen of Taiji.

According to the Coalition, Dolphins are driven into the cove and bludgeoned to death, much the same way as Tuna in the meditterannean. This would appear to be the case as the dolphins are beaten, slashed and stabbed to death. The fishermen say they must do this to survive economically. The Japanese love eating Dolphin and the meat is considered to be good for the spirit and the body.

There are moral and economic questions which need to be adressed before this slaughter ends. The Japanese would rightly argue that it is nothing compared to the slaughter of cattle, sheep, chickens, horses, dogs and other marine life in their millions every year by a western culture which the Japanese see as blinkered by their own western traditions, economics and morals.

Until Dolphins are afforded rights or recognised as a "special case" by the UN or similar organisation or the fishermen find an alternative means of supporting their families the slaughter is unlikely to end for the forseeable future.

Cheq 19/10/07


Alongside genuine data driven and proven worries about the environment is a growing


The word is defined in the Urban Dictionary

A person that views every blip in the weather, every heat wave, every rain-storm, hurricane, blizzard or lack there of as a sign from the evironment as proof of global warming. Much like a person that gets regular aches and pains in their body and then assumes they have cancer, heart-disease, rabies, scabies, bird flu, and the like...

Person 1: This August heat wave is so hot, it must be global warming!

Person 2: When I was a kid we just called it "summer" you ecochondriac!

Hence a person who is constantly blaming all of the worlds ills (or just some of them) is an


SPOT 10/12/07

Global Warming

Europe gave in to US pressure not to set numeric Goals or "limits" on C02 emissions in an effort to secure a further global accord on reducing emissions.

The stalling tactics used by many of the participants are thought by the Ecochondriac pressure groups to be bringing the end of the world closer.

Will a slight phased reduction in emissions or an agreement to curb a rise in emissions (whats that going to achieve, really?) make any measurable difference or will a slow down in warming be respinned to be a success by collaborating nations?

The agreement does not affect "emergent" nations such as many african, american and far eastern countries whose emissions are climbing most rapidly. - Chand 13/12/07

Sea Levels Rising Faster

Sea levels are rising faster than predicted, according to Nature Geosience

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change proposes a maximum sea level rise of 81cm (32in) this century.But in the journal Nature Geoscience, researchers say the true maximum could be about twice that: 163cm (64in).

Sea level rise is a key effect of global climate change. There are two major contributory effects: expansion of sea water as the oceans warm, and the melting of ice over land. Spot - 18/12/07


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